001  Al Fâtihah
002  Al Baqarah
003  Âl 'Imrân
004  An Nisâ'
005  Al Mâ'idah
006  Al An'âm
007  Al A'râf
008  Al Anfâl
009  At Taubah
010  Yûnus
011  Hûd
012  Yûsuf
013  Ar Ra'd
014  Ibrahîm
015  Al Hijr
016  An Nahl
017  Al Isrâ'
018  Al Kahf
019  Maryam
020  Tâ Hâ
021  Al Anbiyâ'
022  Al Hajj
023  Al Mu'minûn
024  An Nûr
025  Al Furqân
026  Ash Shu'arâ'
027  An Naml
028  Al Qasas
029  Al 'Ankabût
030  Ar Rûm
031  Luqmân
032  As Sajdah
033  Al Ahzâb
034  Saba'
035  Fâtir
036  Yâ Sîn
037  As Sâffât
038  Sâd
039  Az Zumar
040  Ghâfir
041  Fussilat
042  Ash-Shûra
043  Az Zukhruf
044  Ad Dukhân
045  Al Jâthiya
046  Al Ahqâf
047  Muhammad
048  Al Fath
049  Al Hujurât
050  Qâf
051  Az Zâriyât
052  At Tûr
053  An Najm
054  Al Qamar
055  Ar Rahmân
056  Al Wâqi'ah
057  Al Hadîd
058  Al Mujâdilah
059  Al Hashr
060  Al Mumtahinah
061  As Saff
062  Al Jumu'ah
063  Al Munafiqûn
064  At Taghâbun
065  At Talâq
066  At Tahrîm
067  Al Mulk
068  Al Qalam
069  Al Hâqqah
070  Al Ma'ârij
071  Nûh
072  Al Jinn
073  Al Muzzammil
074  Al Muddaththir
075  Al Qiyâmah
076  Al Insân
077  Al Mursalât
078  An Naba'
079  An Nazi'ât
080  'Abasa
081  At-Takwîr
082  Al Infitâr
083  Al Mutaffifîn
084  Al Inshiqâq
085  Al Burûj
086  At Târiq
087  Al A'lâ
088  Al Ghâshiyah
089  Al Fajr
090  Al Balad
091  Ash-Shams
092  Al Lail
093  Ad Duha
094  Ash Sharh
095  At Tin
096  Al 'Alaq
097  Al Qadr
098  Al Baiyinah
099  Az-Zalzalah
100  Al 'Adiyât
101  Al Qâri'ah
102  At Takâthur
103  Al 'Asr
104  Al Humazah
105  Al Fîl
106  Quraish
107  Al Mâ'ûn
108  Al Kauthar
109  Al Kâfirûn
110  An Nasr
111  Al Masad
112  Al Ikhlâs
113  Al Falaq
114  An Nâs
Surah 15


1. Alif Lam Ra. These are the verses of the Book and (of) a Quran that makes (things) clear.

2. Often will those who disbelieve wish that they had been Muslims.

3. Leave them that they may eat and enjoy themselves and (that) hope may beguile them, for they will soon know.

4. And never did We destroy a town but it had a term made known.

5. No people can hasten on their doom nor can they postpone (it).

6. And they say: O you to whom the Reminder has been revealed! you are most surely insane:

7. Why do you not bring to us the angels if you are of the truthful ones?

8. We do not send the angels but with truth, and then they would not be respited.

9 Surely We have revealed the Reminder and We will most surely be its guardian.

10. And certainly We sent (apostles) before you among the nations of yore.

11. And there never came an apostle to them but they mocked him.

12. Thus do We make it to enter into the hearts of the guilty;

13. They do not believe in it, and indeed the example of the former people has already passed.

14. And even if We open to them a gateway of heaven, so that they ascend into it all the while,

15. They would certainly say: Only our eyes.have been covered over, rather we are an enchanted people.

16. And certainly We have made strongholds in the heaven and We have made it fair seeming to the beholders.

17. And We guard it against every accursed Shaitan,

18. But he who steals a hearing, so there follows him a visible flame.

19. And the earth-- We have spread it forth and made in it firm mountains and caused to grow in it of every suitable thing.

20. And We have made in it means of subsistence for you and for him for whom you are not the suppliers.

21. And there is not a thing but with Us are the treasures of it, and We do not send it down but in a known measure.

22. And We send the winds fertilizing, then send down water from the cloud so We give it to you to drink of, nor is it you who store it up.

23. And most surely We bring to life and cause to die and We are the heirs.

24. And certainly We know those of you who have gone before and We certainly know those who shall come later.

25. And surely your Lord will gather them together; surely He is Wise, Knowing.

26. And certainly We created man of clay that gives forth sound, of black mud fashioned in shape.

27. And the jinn We created before, of intensely hot fire.

28. And when your Lord said to the angels: Surely I am going to create a mortal of the essence of black mud fashioned in shape.

29. So when I have made him complete and breathed into him of My spirit, fall down making obeisance to him.

30. So the angels made obeisance, all of them together,

31. But Iblis (did it not); he refused to be with those who made obeisance.

32. He said: O Iblis! what excuse have you that you are not with those who make obeisance?

33. He said: I am not such that I should make obeisance to a mortal whom Thou hast created of the essence of black mud fashioned in shape.

34. He said: Then get out of it, for surely you are driven away:

35. And surely on you is curse until the day of judgment.

36. He said: My Lord! then respite me till the time when they are raised.

37. He said: So surely you are of the respited ones

38. Till the period of the time made known.

39. He said: My Lord! because Thou hast made life evil to me, I will certainly make (evil) fair-seeming to them on earth, and I will certainly cause them all to deviate

40. Except Thy servants from among them, the devoted ones.

41. He said: This is a right way with Me:

42. Surely. as regards My servants, you have no authority ,over them except those who follow you of the deviators.

43. And surely Hell is the promised place of them all:

44. It has seven gates; for every gate there shall be a separate party of them.

45. Surely those who guard (against evil) shall be in the midst of gardens and fountains:

46. Enter them in peace, secure.

47. And We will root out whatever of rancor is in their breasts-- (they shall be) as brethren, on raised couches, face to face.

48. Toil shall not afflict them in it, nor shall they be ever ejected from it.

49. Inform My servants that I am the Forgiving, the Merciful,

50. And that My punishment-- that is the painful punishment.

51. And inform them of the guests of Ibrahim:

52. When they entered upon him, they said, Peace. He said: Surely we are afraid of you.

53. They said: Be not afraid, surely we give you the good news of a boy, possessing knowledge.

54. He said: Do you give me good news (of a son) when old age has come upon me?-- Of what then do you give me good news! SS. They said: We give you good news with truth, therefore be not of the despairing.

56. He said: And who despairs of the mercy of his Lord but the erring ones?

57. He said: What is your business then, O messengers?

58. They said: Surely we are sent towards a guilty people,

59. Except Lut's followers: We will most surely deliver them all,

60. Except his wife; We ordained that she shall surely be of those who remain behind.

61. So when the messengers came to Lut's followers,

62. He said: Surely you are an unknown people.

63. They said: Nay, we have come to you with that about which they disputed.

64. And we have come to you with the truth, and we are most surely truthful.

65. Therefore go forth with your followers in a part of the night and yourself follow their rear, and let not any one of you turn round, and go forth whither you are commanded.

66. And We revealed to him this decree, that the roots of these shall be cut off in the morning.

67. And the people of the town came rejoicing.

68. He said: Surely these are my guests, therefore do not disgrace me,

69. And guard against (the punishment of) Allah and do not put me to shame.

70. They said: Have we not forbidden you from (other) people?

71. He said: These are my daughters, if you will do (aught).

72. By your life! they were blindly wandering on in their intoxication.

73. So the rumbling overtook them (while) entering upon the time of sunrise;

74. Thus did We turn it upside down, and rained down upon them stones of what had been decreed.

75. Surely in this are signs for those who examine.

76. And surely it is on a road that still abides.

77. Most surely there is a sign in this for the believers.

78. And the dwellers of the thicket also were most surely unjust.

79. So We inflicted retribution on them, and they are both, indeed, on an open road (still) pursued.

80. And the dwellers of the Rock certainly rejected the messengers;

81. And We gave them Our communications, but they turned aside from them;

82. And they hewed houses in the mountains in security.

83. So the rumbling overtook them in the morning;

84. And what they earned did not avail them.

85. And We did not create the heavens and the earth and what is between them two but in truth; and the hour is most surely coming, so turn away with kindly forgiveness.

86. Surely your Lord is the Creator of all things, the Knowing.

87. And certainly We have given you seven of the oft-repeated (verses) and the grand Quran.

88. Do not strain your eyes after what We have given certain classes of them to enjoy, and do not grieve for them, and make yourself gentle to the believers.

89. And say: Surely I am the plain warner.

90. Like as We sent down on the dividers

91. Those who made the Quran into shreds.

92. So, by your Lord, We would most certainly question them all,

93. As to what they did.

94. Therefore declare openly what you are bidden and turn aside from the polytheists.

95. Surely We will suffice you against the scoffers

96. Those who set up another god with Allah; so they shall soon know.

97. And surely We know that your breast straitens at what they say;

98. Therefore celebrate the praise of your Lord, and be of those who make obeisance.

99. And serve your Lord until there comes to you that which is certain.