001  Al Fâtihah
002  Al Baqarah
003  Âl 'Imrân
004  An Nisâ'
005  Al Mâ'idah
006  Al An'âm
007  Al A'râf
008  Al Anfâl
009  At Taubah
010  Yûnus
011  Hûd
012  Yûsuf
013  Ar Ra'd
014  Ibrahîm
015  Al Hijr
016  An Nahl
017  Al Isrâ'
018  Al Kahf
019  Maryam
020  Tâ Hâ
021  Al Anbiyâ'
022  Al Hajj
023  Al Mu'minûn
024  An Nûr
025  Al Furqân
026  Ash Shu'arâ'
027  An Naml
028  Al Qasas
029  Al 'Ankabût
030  Ar Rûm
031  Luqmân
032  As Sajdah
033  Al Ahzâb
034  Saba'
035  Fâtir
036  Yâ Sîn
037  As Sâffât
038  Sâd
039  Az Zumar
040  Ghâfir
041  Fussilat
042  Ash-Shûra
043  Az Zukhruf
044  Ad Dukhân
045  Al Jâthiya
046  Al Ahqâf
047  Muhammad
048  Al Fath
049  Al Hujurât
050  Qâf
051  Az Zâriyât
052  At Tûr
053  An Najm
054  Al Qamar
055  Ar Rahmân
056  Al Wâqi'ah
057  Al Hadîd
058  Al Mujâdilah
059  Al Hashr
060  Al Mumtahinah
061  As Saff
062  Al Jumu'ah
063  Al Munafiqûn
064  At Taghâbun
065  At Talâq
066  At Tahrîm
067  Al Mulk
068  Al Qalam
069  Al Hâqqah
070  Al Ma'ârij
071  Nûh
072  Al Jinn
073  Al Muzzammil
074  Al Muddaththir
075  Al Qiyâmah
076  Al Insân
077  Al Mursalât
078  An Naba'
079  An Nazi'ât
080  'Abasa
081  At-Takwîr
082  Al Infitâr
083  Al Mutaffifîn
084  Al Inshiqâq
085  Al Burûj
086  At Târiq
087  Al A'lâ
088  Al Ghâshiyah
089  Al Fajr
090  Al Balad
091  Ash-Shams
092  Al Lail
093  Ad Duha
094  Ash Sharh
095  At Tin
096  Al 'Alaq
097  Al Qadr
098  Al Baiyinah
099  Az-Zalzalah
100  Al 'Adiyât
101  Al Qâri'ah
102  At Takâthur
103  Al 'Asr
104  Al Humazah
105  Al Fîl
106  Quraish
107  Al Mâ'ûn
108  Al Kauthar
109  Al Kâfirûn
110  An Nasr
111  Al Masad
112  Al Ikhlâs
113  Al Falaq
114  An Nâs
Surah 56


1. When the great event comes to pass,

2. There is no belying its coming to pass--

3. Abasing (one party), exalting (the other),

4. When the earth shall be shaken with a (severe) shaking,

5. And the mountains shall be made to crumble with (an awful) crumbling,

6. So that they shall be as scattered dust.

7. And you shall be three sorts.

8. Then (as to) the companions of the right hand; how happy are the companions of the right hand!

9. And (as to) the companions of the left hand; how wretched are the companions of the left hand!

10. And the foremost are the foremost,

11. These are they who are drawn nigh (to Allah),

12. In the gardens of bliss.

13. A numerous company from among the first,

14. And a few from among the latter.

15. On thrones decorated,

16. Reclining on them, facing one another.

17. Round about them shall go youths never altering in age,

18. With goblets and ewers and a cup of pure drink;

19. They shall not be affected with headache thereby, nor shall they get exhausted,

20. And fruits such as they choose,

21. And the flesh of fowl such as they desire.

22. And pure, beautiful ones,

23. The like of the hidden pearls:

24. A reward for what they used to do.

25. They shall not hear therein vain or sinful discourse,

26. Except the word peace, peace.

27. And the companions of the right hand; how happy are the companions of the right hand!

28. Amid thornless lote-trees,

29. And banana-trees (with fruits), one above another.

30. And extended shade,

31. And water flowing constantly,

32. And abundant fruit,

33. Neither intercepted nor forbidden,

34. And exalted thrones.

35. Surely We have made them to grow into a (new) growth,

36. Then We have made them virgins,

37. Loving, equals in age,

38. For the sake of the companions of the right hand.

39. A numerous company from among the first,

40. And a numerous company from among the last.

41. And those of the left hand, how wretched are those of the left hand!

42. In hot wind and boiling water,

43. And the shade of black smoke,

44. Neither cool nor honorable.

45. Surely they were before that made to live in ease and plenty.

46. And they persisted in the great violation.

47. And they used to say: What! when we die and have become dust and bones, shall we then indeed be raised?

48. Or our fathers of yore?

49. Say: The first and the last,

SO. Shall most surely be gathered together for the appointed hour of a known day.

51. Then shall you, O you who err and call it a lie!

52. Most surely eat of a tree of Zaqqoom,

53. And fill (your) bellies with it;

54. Then drink over it of boiling water;

55. And drink as drinks the thirsty camel.

56. This is their entertainment on the day of requital.

57. We have created you, why do you not then assent?

58. Have you considered the seed?

59. Is it you that create it or are We the creators?

60. We have ordained death among you and We are not to be overcome,

61. In order that We may bring in your place the likes of you and make you grow into what you know not.

62. And certainly you know the first growth, why do you not then mind?

63. Have you considered what you sow?

64. Is it you that cause it to grow, or are We the causers of growth?

65. If We pleased, We should have certainly made it broken down into pieces, then would you begin tb lament:

66. Surely we are burdened with debt:

67. Nay! we are deprived.

68. Have you considered the water which you drink?

69. Is it you that send it down from the clouds, or are We the senders?

70. If We pleased, We would have made it salty; why do you not then give thanks?

71. Have you considered the fire which you strike?

72. Is it you that produce the trees for it, or are We the producers?

73. We have made it a reminder and an advantage for the wayfarers of the desert.

74. Therefore glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.

75. But nay! I swear by the falling of stars;

76. And most surely it is a very great oath if you only knew;

77. Most surely it is an honored Quran,

78. In a book that is protected

79. None shall touch it save the purified ones.

80. A revelation by the Lord of the worlds.

81. Do you then hold this announcement in contempt?

82. And to give (it) the lie you make your means of subsistence.

83. Why is it not then that when it (soul) comes up to the throat,

84. And you at that time look on--

85. And We are nearer to it than you, but you do not see--

86. Then why is it not-- if you are not held under authority--

87. That you send it (not) back-- if you are truthful?

88. Then if he is one of those drawn nigh (to Allah),

89. Then happiness and bounty and a garden of bliss.

90. And if he is one of those on the right hand,

91. Then peace to you from those on the right hand.

92. And if he is one of the rejecters, the erring ones,

93. He shall have an entertainment of boiling water,

94. And burning in hell.

95. Most surely this is a certain truth.

96. Therefore glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.