001  Al Fâtihah
002  Al Baqarah
003  Âl 'Imrân
004  An Nisâ'
005  Al Mâ'idah
006  Al An'âm
007  Al A'râf
008  Al Anfâl
009  At Taubah
010  Yûnus
011  Hûd
012  Yûsuf
013  Ar Ra'd
014  Ibrahîm
015  Al Hijr
016  An Nahl
017  Al Isrâ'
018  Al Kahf
019  Maryam
020  Tâ Hâ
021  Al Anbiyâ'
022  Al Hajj
023  Al Mu'minûn
024  An Nûr
025  Al Furqân
026  Ash Shu'arâ'
027  An Naml
028  Al Qasas
029  Al 'Ankabût
030  Ar Rûm
031  Luqmân
032  As Sajdah
033  Al Ahzâb
034  Saba'
035  Fâtir
036  Yâ Sîn
037  As Sâffât
038  Sâd
039  Az Zumar
040  Ghâfir
041  Fussilat
042  Ash-Shûra
043  Az Zukhruf
044  Ad Dukhân
045  Al Jâthiya
046  Al Ahqâf
047  Muhammad
048  Al Fath
049  Al Hujurât
050  Qâf
051  Az Zâriyât
052  At Tûr
053  An Najm
054  Al Qamar
055  Ar Rahmân
056  Al Wâqi'ah
057  Al Hadîd
058  Al Mujâdilah
059  Al Hashr
060  Al Mumtahinah
061  As Saff
062  Al Jumu'ah
063  Al Munafiqûn
064  At Taghâbun
065  At Talâq
066  At Tahrîm
067  Al Mulk
068  Al Qalam
069  Al Hâqqah
070  Al Ma'ârij
071  Nûh
072  Al Jinn
073  Al Muzzammil
074  Al Muddaththir
075  Al Qiyâmah
076  Al Insân
077  Al Mursalât
078  An Naba'
079  An Nazi'ât
080  'Abasa
081  At-Takwîr
082  Al Infitâr
083  Al Mutaffifîn
084  Al Inshiqâq
085  Al Burûj
086  At Târiq
087  Al A'lâ
088  Al Ghâshiyah
089  Al Fajr
090  Al Balad
091  Ash-Shams
092  Al Lail
093  Ad Duha
094  Ash Sharh
095  At Tin
096  Al 'Alaq
097  Al Qadr
098  Al Baiyinah
099  Az-Zalzalah
100  Al 'Adiyât
101  Al Qâri'ah
102  At Takâthur
103  Al 'Asr
104  Al Humazah
105  Al Fîl
106  Quraish
107  Al Mâ'ûn
108  Al Kauthar
109  Al Kâfirûn
110  An Nasr
111  Al Masad
112  Al Ikhlâs
113  Al Falaq
114  An Nâs
Surah 74


1. O you who are clothed!

2. Arise and warn,

3. And your Lord do magnify,

4. And your garments do purify,

S. And uncleanness do shun,

6. And bestow not favors that you may receive again with increase,

7. And for the sake of your Lord, be patient.

8. For when the trumpet is sounded,

9. That, at that time, shall be a difficult day,

10. For the unbelievers, anything but easy.

11. Leave Me and him whom I created alone,

12. And give him vast riches,

13. And sons dwelling in his presence,

14. And I adjusted affairs for him adjustably;

15. And yet he desires that I should add more!

16. By no means! surely he offers opposition to Our communications.

17. 1 will make a distressing punishment overtake him.

18. Surely he reflected and guessed,

19. But may he be cursed how he plotted;

20. Again, may he be cursed how he plotted;

21. Then he looked,

22. Then he frowned and scowled,

23. Then he turned back and was big with pride,

24. ~Then he said: This is naught but enchantment, narrated (from others);

25. This is naught but the word of a mortal.

26. 1 will cast him into hell.

27. And what will make you realize what hell is?

28. It leaves naught nor does it spare aught.

29. It scorches the mortal.

30. Over it are nineteen.

31 . And We have not made the wardens of the fire others than angels, and We have not made their number but as a trial for those who disbelieve, that those who have been given the book may be certain and those who believe may increase in faith, and those who have been given the book and the believers may not doubt, and that those in whose hearts is a disease and the unbelievers may say: What does Allah mean by this parable? Thus does Allah make err whom He pleases, and He guides whom He pleases, and none knows the hosts of your Lord but He Himself; and this is naught but a reminder to the mortals.

32. Nay; I swear by the moon,

33. And the night when it departs,

34. And the daybreak when it shines;

35. Surely it (hell) is one of the gravest (misfortunes),

36. A warning to mortals,

37. To him among you who wishes to go forward or remain behind.

38. Every soul is held in pledge for what it earns,

39. Except the people of the right hand,

40. In gardens, they shall ask each other

41. About the guilty:

42. What has brought you into hell?

43. They shall say: We were not of those who prayed;

44. And we used not to feed the poor;

45. And we used to enter into vain discourse with those who entered into vain discourses.

46. And we used to call the day of judgment a lie;

47. Till death overtook us.

48. So the intercession of intercessors shall not avail them.

49. What is then the matter with them, that they turn away from the admonition

50. As if they were asses taking fright

51. That had fled from a lion?

52. Nay; every one of them desires that he may be given pages spread out;

53. Nay! but they do not fear the hereafter.

54. Nay! it is surely an admonition.

SS. So whoever pleases may mind it.

56. And they will not mind unless Allah please. He is worthy to be feared and worthy to forgive.