Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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Abandonment of Supplication for Sin and for the Severance of the Ties of Kinship (135)
'Abi Hurayrata reported that the Prophet said: The bondservant shall continue to have his supplications answered so long as he does not supplicate for sin, or the severance of kinship; so long as he does not rush it. They said: O Messenger of Allah what is "rushing it?" He said [that] he say I have supplicated, and supplicated, and I have not seen an answer; thereupon, getting tired and abandoning supplication.

Al-`Adawee said it was sound and that it was reported by Muslim, page 52 of volume 17; At-Tirmidhi on page 470 of volume 11 of Tuhfah. He said that At-Tirmidhi said that it was a strange hadeeth.

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