Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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The Virtues of Tahmeed, Tahleel, and Tasbeeh (14)
The Prophet said: "I met Ibraheem on the night I was taken on my night journey (night of Isrã' ). So he said: O' Muhammad! Convey to your nation As-Salam from me, and inform them that Paradise is of good soil, palatable water, and that it is a flat place and its enplantment [is]: Subhãna 'allãhi, 'al-hamdu lil-lãhi, la 'ilãha 'illa 'allãhu, and 'allãhu 'akbaru(18)."

(18) Same as footnote # 10.


Reported by At-Tirmithi and he said it was comely. Al-Albãni said the same, and included it in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #14.

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