Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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Prohibition of Beginning the Jews and Christians with As-Salaam (229)
`Aishata said: Some Jews entered upon the Messenger of Allah said: As-Sãmu alayka (may death be upon you)
I thus understood it and sid: And may death, and the curse be upon you. So the Messenger of Allah said: Gently `Aishata, Allah loves gentleness in all matters, so I said: O Messenger of Allah did you not hear what they said? The Messenger of Allah said: I have replied with `Alaykum (upon you)(235)

Replying with Wa`alaykum

which means "and upon you" has been more often reported in the sunnah that `Alaykum.

`Al-`Adawee said it was sound, and that it was reported by Al-Bukhãri, page 41 of volume 11 of Fath Al-Bãree.

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