Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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What the Imam Says Before the Prayer (71)
It is reported by way of 'Al-Barã' that the Prophet said Sawwoo sufoofakum lã takhtalifu quloobukum(86)

(86) Straighten your rows [so that] your hearts do not differ.


Reported by Ad-Dãrami. It is also in Al-Albãni's Saheeh 'Abi Dawood as #670. Al-Albãni said that it was also in Ahmad, An-Nisa'ee, Ibn Hibban, Al-Hakim, and Bayhaqi. He also said that it was sound in his Saheeh Al-Jãmi` As-Sagheer wa Ziyãdatih, #3648.

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