Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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When Bowing, Getting up from a Bow, Prostrating, or Sitting in Between Prostrations (86)
And in the hadeeth of Ali about the salãt of the Messenger of Allah : and when he would bow he would say in his bowing: 'Allãhumma laka raka`tu, wabika ãmentu, walaka 'aslamtu, khasha`a laka sam`ee, wa basaree, wa mukhkhee, wa `athmee, wa `asabee(99)
When he would lift his head from the bowing he would say: Sami`al-lãhu liman hamidahu, rabbanã walakal hamdu, mil'as-samãwãti, wa mil'al-'ardhi, wa mil'a mã baynahumã, wa mil'a mã shi'ta min shay'in ba`du,(100)
and when he would have prostrated he would say in his prostration: 'Allãhumma laka sajadtu, wabika ãmentu, walaka 'aslamtu, sajada wajhee lil-lathee khalaqahu wa sawwarahu, wa shaqqa sam`ahu, wa basarahu, tabãrakal-lahu 'ahsanul khãliqeena(101)

(99) O' my 'ilãh to You I have bowed, and in You I have cammitted faith, and before Thee my hearing, my sight, my marrow, my bones, and my nerves have humbled [surrendered in complete fear, humility, and obedience to You].

(100) Allah hears the one that praises Him! You are our Lord and to You is all praise, as much as would fill the Heavens, as much as would fill the Earth, as much as would fill that which is in between them, and as much as would fill what ever You will of anything [else] thereafter.

(101) O' my 'ilãh to You I have prostrated, and in You I have committed faith, and to You I have surrendered. My face has prostrated to the One that has created it, fashioned it, and slit for it its hearing and its sight. Blessed is Allah best of creators.


Reported by Muslim, and is #69 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

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