Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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When Bowing, Getting up from a Bow, Prostrating, or Sitting in Between Prostrations (96)
'A'ishata said: One day I noticed the absence of the Prophet ([from the bed]), so I started looking for him, then my hand came in contact with the bottom of his feet, he was in the Mosque, his feet were propped up, and he was saying: 'Allãhumma 'innee 'a`outhu bi-ridhaka min sakhatika, wa bi-mu`ãfãtika min `uqoobatica, wa 'a`outhu bika minka, lã 'uhsee thanã'an `alayka, 'anta kamã 'athnayta `alã nafsika(114)

(114) I seek refuge in your approval from your anger, and in pardon granting from your punishment, and I seek refuge in You, from You, I could never praise Thee enough [as You deserve], You are as You have praised yourself.


Reported by Muslim, and is #79 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

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