System of Transliteration
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Authentic Supplications of the Prophet

Code Arabic Pronunciation
` Approximate with "a" as in "a stick".
' Approximate with "a" as in "a stick".
ä Pronounce like two "a"s in succession.
dh Approximate with "d" as in "dark".
gh Approximate with "g" as in "good".
h Pronounced as the "h" in "hill".
h Approximate with "h" as in "heart".
kh Approximate with "k".
q Approximate with "q".
s Transliterated "s" should always be read as in
"six", and should never be read as in "is".
s Approximate with a heavy "s".
sh Pronounced as the "sh" as in "shine".
t Approximate with a heavy "t".
th Pronounce as the "th" in "thin".
th Pronounce as the "th" in "this".
th Approximate with "th" as in "this".

Note, since most browsers do not support underlined text, the transliteration is not underlined. In the original book, some English characters are underlined in the transliteration.

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